Thinking Day 2016

WorldThinkingDay 2016

Today we received our Facebook invitation to the Queensland 2016 Thinking Day celebrations. It just goes to show – just because it’s the summer holidays, the Guide Leaders are still pushing on (full steam ahead!) with their planning.

Since our last meeting of the year, 3 weeks ago, I know that I’ve not yet settled into Holiday Mode. I’ve been researching, typing, planning, printing and laminating just to be as ready as I possibly can be for our first meeting of 2016.

Thinking Day is February 22nd.Β It’s the day we celebrate being part of the largest volunteer organisation dedicated to empowering and supporting girls and women, with over 10 million members world-wide. The theme for next year is ‘Connect’ and will explore the meaningful connections that make our lives better, whether to the people closest to us, to a place we care about, or to a Girl Guide or Girl Scout friend on the other side of the world. Β I’m looking forward to this event (and I heard a rumour that one of the St Lucia Guide Leaders is part of the State Team organising the day)… so roll on February!


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