Why should my daughter join Guides?

Why should my daughter join Guides?

These days there are so many options for extracurricular activities that it can be hard to decide which will suit your daughter best. Should she play the flute or join the soccer team? What about choir or drama classes? Should she be in a supportive environment or a challenging one? Should it focus on education? The choices are endless. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, so we thought this might help make that decision a little bit easier.

Guiding provides a dynamic, flexible, non-formal educational program while offering values-based training in life skills, decision making and leadership. However, because each unit* runs a program independent of all other units, it can be hard to explain what activities girls will take part in. We recently asked a group of Guide Leaders, from units across the country, how they would respond to the question “Why should my daughter join Guides?” and here are some of their responses:

They will develop into strong, confident young women and an asset to their community.

I once read an article about giving your children the best possible childhood experience and that was to give them a trusted group of friends outside of their school group. This, along with empowering the girls to become self-respecting, responsible community members, why wouldn’t you encourage your daughter to join?!

Guiding offers… fantastic fun especially outdoors, new skills, friends, resilience and a love of the outdoors!!

Guiding offers… a supportive environment to foster resilience and helps your daughter in becoming a responsible citizen learnt through a fun program.

Guiding offers… variety. Every week is different.

Guiding offers… a program to build your child’s confidence and to teach them every day life skills.

Guiding offers… friendship, valuable life skills including cooking, money handling/fundraising, leadership, camps/activities/events, self worth, interactions with people from different backgrounds/cultures and of course it’s fun!!

Remember, your daughter can try Guides for a few weeks before she makes a decision because the first 3 weeks are FREE! So why not try us out? What have you got to lose?

Contact us now or visit www.guidesqld.org for more information.

Building Leaders of Tomorrow

*A Guide ‘unit’ refers to any group in Guiding. Units are often organised according to age, so in St Lucia we have a unit for girls aged 7-10 (called the Brownie Guide unit) and a unit for girls aged 10-14 (called the Girl Guide unit). Typically,  units for girls aged 10-14 will shorten their name to just ‘Guides’, however this is also the name given to all girls within the Guiding movement regardless of age: a girl aged 8 is a Guide at the Brownie Guide unit.

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