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“Are Girl Guides still around?”
“I thought you merged with the Scouts”
“What do Girl Guides actually do?”

As Guide Leaders we hear these sorts of comments regularly and we’re sure that you, as parents of Guides, will be familiar with them too.

The St Lucia Brownie Guides and Girl Guides want to remind our local community that we are still here. We want to show them what they’re missing out on. We want to encourage other girls and women to join this fantastic organisation – after all, we ARE a fantastic organisation!  Where else can your daughter regularly meet friends away from school, while challenging herself in ways she’s never imagined (making decisions for her Patrol, contributing ideas to the group, camping in a muddy field etc), all in an environment where she’s taught that being herself is more important than anything else? (Psst… the answer is ‘nowhere’!)

So we are asking you to please join us in sharing our stories with others – friends and family, males and females, close to Brisbane and far from it. We are here and we want to be known! In return for sharing our posts, we’ll continue to provide you with posts that are worthy of being shared (feedback is always welcome!) and we’ll teach your daughter valuable life skills that will empower her to grow into a confident, self-respecting, responsible community member.


We'd love to hear your thoughts... share them with us!

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