Girls in STEM: Computer Coding!

Our Girl Guides (ages 10 – 14) recently took their usual weekly meeting to the local park. When they arrived, they pulled out their laptops and connected to the free Wi-Fi provided (thanks, Brisbane City Council!).

Girl Guides Computer Coding

Once logged in to their new accounts at, they were able to learn how to write the code required to move a character around their computer screen – straight lines, diagonal lines and in circles. Once they’d mastered that challenge, they moved on to making their character interact with other characters and objects. They directed their character to speak with another character, move around barricades and pick up collectible items. Each Guide could move on in her own time, one step at a time, challenging herself at her own pace. It was so great to see such concentration on their faces and to hear the celebratory cheers when an obstacle was overcome.

The session ran for an hour and a half, and there were groans from every Guide when they were asked to pack up at the end of the night. They all seemed to enjoy it immensely and could have happily spent another hour and a half challenging themselves even further!


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