Badge: Explore-a-Challenge Guiding

Explore a Challenge Guiding Girl Guides BadgeOur whole Girl Guide unit (ages 10-14) is working towards the Explore-a-Challenge Guiding badge this term.  To earn it, they need to complete four challenges from a list in the Look Wide badge book.

As a unit, we have decided to use this challenge badge to help us plan and organise our Guide Camp. The Guide Leaders helped the Guides by listing all the tasks that need to be completed as part of organising a Camp. The Patrols have chosen the tasks that they wish to complete and, at the end, they will have organised their own Guide Camp. Yep, the entire weekend!

Challenge #1: Learn and share a traditional Guide skill that is new to you

These Guiding traditions have been split between the Patrols. The Patrols will learn about each Tradition and will then share their new knowledge with the other Guides.Fire, Camp, Bonfire, Wood, Heat, Flames, Warmth

  1. Setting up the camp
  2. Knotting and gadgets
  3. Campfire building
  4. Outdoor cooking & equipment
  5. Campfire planning & Guide Camp duties
  6. Guides Own planning & camp equipment

Challenge #2: Plan your own challenge to widen your understanding of Guiding

This is an on-going challenge. As a unit, we are reviewing our use of the Patrol System (check out my previous post). This has involved discussions on what the Patrol System is, why we have it, how it works and what changes we need to make in order to make it more effective in our unit. Since starting the review we have implemented some changes and we intend to monitor what differences we see as a result. As a Leader, I’m really impressed with the maturity they’ve shown so far.

Challenge #3: Explore and share an aspect of Guiding history

Each Patrol is going to research their chosen aspect of Guiding history, write an article then share it with the world on our website. During the course of the next few months they’ll upload them here as blog posts for you to read.

Challenge #4: Take part in a Guiding event with other members of your Guiding community

Tent, Camping, Pitched, BlueOf course, at the end of planning a Guide Camp, the guides will be attending the Guide Camp. So this one will be easy! Well, actually, when they’re on camp they’ll still have to organise the activities that they will have planned so it won’t be the relaxing weekend that they’re probably used to having at Camp, but they’ll enjoy it just the same – hopefully more because they’ve played such a big part in planning it!


Coorah, Unit Leader St Lucia Girl Guides


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