Thinking Day 2016 Connect Bracelet #connect10million

Thinking Day, Musgrave Park

Every year, Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world celebrate Thinking Day. The annual event falls on February 22nd, which was the birth date of both our founder Robert Baden-Powell and his wife, Olave.

Last weekend Guides of all ages, from across Brisbane and beyond, came together to “connect” with each other and celebrate the meaningful connections in their lives.

The St Lucia Brownie Guides and Girl Guides took the CityCat to Southbank, where they danced and sang their way through the streets to Musgrave Park. They were excited to be part of a large-scale event and to see how many other Guides would be celebrating Thinking Day with them.

When they arrived they were given blue #connect10million bracelets, grouping them with all other Guides wearing blue bracelets and move to the first activity. The Guides moved between the 4 sections (blue, yellow, red and green) taking part in many different activities that encouraged them to explore the connections that make their lives better – from the people closest to them, to places they care about and Girl Guides & Girl Scouts all over the world. As they moved around they were able to collect and trade their bracelets with other Guides in order to get the full set – a great way to connect with others outside of the blue group.

They made superhero capes, squirted their Unit Leaders with water pistols and played Ultimate Champion Paper, Scissors, Rock (one Guide from St Lucia Brownie Guides was crowned Ultimate Champion of the blue group!).

World Thinking Day 2016 Water Pistols

They thought about the qualities of a good friend and also were part of a flash mob – all in the name of Thinking Day and meaningful connections. They had a blast!

The activities were based on the Connect Activity Pack, created by WAGGGS – the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Friendship Wall #WTD2016 Girl Guides


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