C’mon April… We’re Ready for You!

Phew! What a busy month St Lucia Guide District has had!

March has just flown by and as we head further into April (and Term 2), Guiding in St Lucia looks quite different when compared to only a few short weeks ago.

Leader Trainings
In order to stay up-to-date, Leaders are required to attend a variety of trainings. This month our Leaders have attended a Leaders Training Weekend (see Coorah’s post here) and updated their CPR qualifications.

C'mon April... We're Ready for You!

Leader Appointments
We have had some new Leaders come on board over the past few weeks and as soon as we enter Term 2 we’ll get them started in their new roles.

The first role filled is the St Lucia District Manager position. The lady that was previously in this role did a fantastic job of it for about 7 years, even though she initially agreed to step in on a temporary basis. She finally decided it was time to move on and so another lady has been recruited to fill this position. The District Manager plays a vital part in the running of the District. She organises the other Leaders and makes sure that the Guide Hut is maintained, as well as working with the Support Group to raise funds that keep that Units running.

The other role we’ve filled is an additional Unit Leader at the St Lucia Brownie Guide unit. Just over a year, we opened the Brownie Guide unit for girls aged 7-10. Since then, the Leaders have done a fantastic job of making the unit such a fun place to be that more and more girls want to be a part of it. Girls from all over the local area have been signing up and now they need another Leader so that they can keep growing!

To both our new Leaders – welcome to the team!

Guide Camp
Both the St Lucia Brownie Guide unit and the St Lucia Girl Guide unit have been busy preparing for their Guide Camps.

The older Guides (ages 10-14) have played a significantly larger role in the planning of their camp this year, than ever before. Plans are going well and based on the activities that are planned, it looks like they’re all going to have a “magical” time!

Guides in the Brownie Guide unit are very excited for their first unit Guide Camp! They will be taking part in activities like archery, kayaking and low ropes – it’s no wonder they’re excited!

Girl Guide Biscuits
The Leaders have been preparing for the arrival of the NEW Guide Biscuit range, which will be delivered in April. With the new biscuit range will also come a new way of selling for the St Lucia Guides. There will be more focus on individual sales so that we can focus on really help each Guide develop those business skills that she’ll use throughout her life.

I love Girl Guide Biscuits Coming Soon!

Each Guide will decide how and where to sell her biscuits, developing her decision making and critical thinking skills. She’ll also develop her communication skills, financial literacy and social skills. It’s not all about the biscuits!

To find out more about our new biscuit range, head to www.girlguidebiscuits.com.au where you can read about the decisions behind the changes, the new varieties that will be offered and you’ll find a list of places you’ll be able to buy biscuits from local Guide units holding their Biscuit Stalls.

So, with March over we are all looking forward to the fun, friends and adventure that April will bring us. C’mon April, we’re ready for you!


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