Badge: Create-a-Challenge Girls

We’ve reached the end of Term 3 and the 10-14 year old Guides have completed their “Girls” badge! This badge is in the Create-a-Challenge section of the Look Wide badge book which means that there is no set criteria detailing how to complete the challenge, instead the syllabus is left open to encourage creativity. Create-a-Challenge badges are also a great opportunity to easily show the Guides the end to end use of the plan-do-evaluate process, which we use in all of our programs.


We started the term by inventing our syllabus. We used the Washing Line planning method as it is a fantastic way to share ideas and then build on them as a group.

Once we had our program suggestions we decided which ones we wanted to do. We played around with the calendar, making sure to leave a couple of nights open so that the adult Leaders could arrange a few surprise activities. Last term, the Guides told us that they liked it when we added “unknown” activities into the term so we took this on board and organised 3 special nights.

The “do” part of this process is always the most fun! From the Guides’ suggestions, we borrowed a projector and had a movie night (including some fancy nail painting and making our own popcorn), we tested our patience with origami, made our own no-cook lollies, played with flowers and food colouring, and decorated cupcakes after baking them.


The surprise evenings were just as exciting though! We ran an insightful evening on gender stereotypes and invited a couple of guests. The first guest was Natalie, one of the final 100 applicants for the Mars One project. Natalie told us her reasons for wanting to leave Earth forever and some of the challenges she might face living on Mars. Our second guest this term was a Nurrin, a Guide Leader and Geologist based here in Brisbane. She told us about the differences between working on-site and in the office and explained what her day job entails. The Guides had so many questions for both our visitors and certainly learned something new from each.

To evaluate the term we asked the Guides to think back on the activities they’d enjoyed and we discussed why we’d thought those activities were suitable for the “Girls” badge. To round it off we used our final activity, decorating cupcakes, to show what we’d learned from completing this badge.


The Guides interpreted this in their own ways – one Guide decorated her cupcake like Mars in recognition of all she’d learned from Natalie and another decorated hers with simple blue and green icing because those are colours that she likes, to show that all girls are individual and should not be bound by stereotypes.

All in all, it’s been a really awesome term and I can’t wait to see what the Guides decide to do next term!

If you would like more information on the Girl Recognition system at Girl Guides, visit the Girl Guides Australia website and to follow Natalie’s journey take a look at her Facebook page!

Coorah, Unit Leader St Lucia Girl Guides


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