Term 3 at St Lucia Brownie Guides!

Fun, sporty, inspiring. These are a few words that sum up how term 3 went at St Lucia Brownie Guides. This term we looked at the Olympics and Paralympics and even tried out some of the sports for ourselves. Our focus however, was ensuring that the girls (ages 7 – 10) had a real sense of what the Olympics is really about: bringing people together to celebrate sport harmoniously.

Brownie Guides Olympic Rings

We began the term by each choosing an Olympic country to explore. By choosing a country, we were able to have a look at similar aged Guides in other countries and examine our differences and similarities. The girls found it very interesting to look at how the Australian Guide promise differs from the ones in other countries!

We held our very own Guide Olympics Opening Ceremony where the girls were able to show off the country flags that they had made for their chosen country. Doing a precession around the hall and lighting the Olympic flame was a very exciting event and it made us think about how the Olympians would feel in Rio.

Brownie Guides Flags

Each week, we explored a new Olympic event and gave it a try (in our own special way!). Trying some events gave us a real appreciation of how the Olympians must have felt, after many years of training. As well as trying the able bodied events we tried a few events blindfolded, and wow, it really did show us just how amazing the Paralympians must be!

Our Olympics came to an end with a Closing Ceremony. Again, the girls waved their national flags and then we said goodbye to the Olympics for another four years.

As well as learning all about the Olympics, we worked hard towards some badges this term. This saw the girls cooking meals, making ‘good turns’, treating wounds and learning a few other useful life skills. The girls were working on the age-based Discover-a-Challenge badges, the younger girls were working towards their garnet badge, and the older girls, their amethyst badge.

Brownie Guides First Aid

The last two weeks saw us making a creative Father’s Day craft, and enrol our newest members. Our Father’s Day craft saw us build figurines for our father figures with nuts and bolts, with the tag line ‘we are nuts about you’. During our last week of the term, enrolling our newest Guides into our unit was definitely a highlight. They made their Promise and we officially welcomed them into the St Lucia Brownie Guide Unit.

After such a great term we were all sad to say goodbye for the break, but equally as excited about what next term will bring!


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