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The Guide Promise

One thing that sets Guides apart from the majority of other youth organisations is the fact that each member takes an oath to be a good person. We know that true happiness comes from helping others to be happy too. We’re on a mission to raise confident, self-respecting, responsible community members and we know that the best way to achieve this is to teach our members how to be a Good Person.

It’s easy to make a promise, isn’t it? You say a few words and boom, you’re a wonderful person! You might promise to look after the neighbour’s cat while they’re out. Maybe you’ve promised to never tell anyone that your daughter has her first crush. But how do you promise to be a Good Person, for the rest of your life?

Well, you do it with intention.


I promise to do my best
The Guide Promise starts with a simple line. You could easily gloss over it without paying too much attention, but look a little longer and you’ll realise those words are quite meaningful. Not only do I promise, but I’m going to do my absolute best. Whatever follows this sentence, I will give my all to. Not half an effort and say, “that’ll do”. Not attempt it once and then give it up as a lost cause. I’m going to try my hardest, whatever is asked of me.

I make the promise to myself but by saying it out loud I am also making a public vow.

To be true to myself and develop my beliefs
The second thing I promise is to be true to myself. To put value on my feelings and opinions. I’m going to learn who I am and I won’t be afraid to be myself. To be authentically, genuinely me. Also, I’m going to continue to develop my beliefs, whatever they may be. Whether I’m Christian or Buddhist, Sikh or Atheist I promise to listen, learn and grow. I’m going to question my knowledge, not just follow blindly, and continue to develop my beliefs in whatever it is I believe in. Even if I’m the only person who believes in the God of Glittery Marshmallows.

To serve my community and Australia
I promise to make my local community better, in any way that I can. I’m going to live by the Australian laws. I’ll respect the country I live in, look after it, fight for it, cherish it. I will speak up when I see something that needs attention. I will lift up those around me


And live by the Guide Law
The Guide Law is like a 7-step recipe for a Good Person!

The Guide Law
As a Guide, I will strive to

  • Respect myself and others
  • Be considerate, honest and trustworthy
  • Be friendly to others
  • Make choices for a better world
  • Use my time and abilities wisely
  • Be thoughtful and optimistic
  • Live with courage and strength

How about you? Do you find it easy to keep the Guide Promise? Let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “The Guide Promise

  1. I love the Guide promise. I first made my Promise in 1976 and even though I wandered away from Guiding for 25 years the values stayed with me. I’m now a leader and sharing the Guide Promise with our Gumnut Guides at the very rudimentary level is wonderful. We talk about caring for ourselves and our families and friends. We talk about trying and doing the best that we can at all times. We talk about listening to what we believe is important and respecting ourselves and other people. And then we go out and model the Promise and the Law in our behaviour, our attitude and our Gumnut program that is wrapped around the AGP.


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