Favourite Camp Food: Apple Pies!

Every time we go camping, the Guides in our older group (ages 10-14) will ALWAYS request that we cook two things – pizza wraps and campfire apple pies. So I thought I’d share these easy-peasy, kid-friendly recipes with you so that you can enjoy them too! As a bonus, they have minimal equipment to wash up. They’re sounding great already, aren’t they?!

Campfire Apple Pies
This recipe was brought to the St Lucia Guide District by Echidna, a Guide Leader from Canada. She has since returned to Canada but her memory lives on in the form of the Campfire Apple Pie 😃

Campfire Apple Pie Recipe

To feed a group of about 15 Guides in the 10-14 age group, we use:

  • 4 biscuits per person – we love to use something like ANZAC biscuits because they’re thick and oaty
  • One 800g tin of Apple Pie Filling
  • Thick aluminium foil

Tips for leaders (or parents!)
If you’re having these as desert, prepare them before you eat dinner then place them onto the hot embers while you eat your main course.


  • Take a large square of foil and place one biscuit in the centre
  • Top the biscuit with a spoonful of apple pie filling
  • Place another biscuit on top, like a sandwich
  • Wrap the foil around the biscuit-sandwich, making sure all the ends are tight
  • Place on the hot embers for 10-15 minutes, turning halfway
  • Use tongs to take them out of the fire pit
  • We usually place them on the floor (if camping) and use a spoon to eat them, scooping the deliciousness straight out of the foil!

Campfire Apple Pie Recipe


The last time we made these they needed to be gluten free, so we tested two different gluten free biscuits (both were from the Coles Simply Gluten Free range). The first were ANZAC Biscuits (which was voted as the winner by our Guides) and the second were the Stem Ginger Biscuits. The flavour of the ginger biscuits was great with the apple but the biscuits just turned to mush, unlike the ANZAC biscuits which didn’t go so soggy.

You can download a PDF version of this recipe here, it’s ready for you to print and use at your Guide meeting, or on your next camping trip!

Pizza wraps: Take me to the pizza wrap recipe!

Do you have a favourite camp food? Tell us in the comments below!


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