Chocolate Rivers

For the first time, the girls of St Lucia Guides came together during the school summer holidays for a couple of days full of fun, friends and adventure!

Each day was focused on working towards a different badge, allowing the Guides to gain new badges they’d not previously received.

The Guides were able to work with Guides from the other age groups, providing them with invaluable experience and lessons learned. The younger Guides found themselves leading groups of girls who were older than them, while the oldest Guides learned how to communicate with girls considerably younger than them.

On the Water Badge day, the Guides were invited to introduce themselves by sharing the type of water represented them. One of the Leaders said,

A deep lake because there’s more to me than what you see on the surface

which sparked a Guide to say,

A chocolate river because I LOVE chocolate and a river is always moving, just like me!

One of the favourite activities was Human Battleships, a strategy game where they had to work as a team. The objective was to hit all members of the other team with water balloons before everyone on your team got soaked! There were roars of laughter when a team would hear another team squealing as the water balloon broke over their heads. It was such a hot day, no one minded getting drenched!

Human Battleships

On the EnviroGuide Badge day, they used their imagination to make bird seed holders from recycled objects and a Bug Hotel, providing the insects of St Lucia with 5-star accommodation! They played games which taught them about water pollution and came up with unique ways to spread the message of looking after our world.


Every Guide had something to contribute, whether they shared a story about the time they found a snake in their home or helped another Guide learn how to safely handle a pair of scissors.

If success is measured in laughter and smiles, consider both days to be a success!


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