Making Friends is Hard

How to make friends as an adult

Making friends as an adult is hard. If you’ve ever tried, you’ll know it’s true.

But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some steps you can take to expand your circle of friends, even if your wolf-pack currently has just one lone wolf.

Making Friends is Hard-Lone_Wolf

Step One
Get out of the house. New friends don’t just come knocking on your front door.

Step Two
Volunteer. Find a cause that means something to you and go help in some way.
Join a club. Book club, chess club, cupcake club, taking-things-apart-and-putting-them-back-together-again club, gaming club etc. It doesn’t matter which, pick one and go.

Step Three
Say yes. Be open to every invitation you receive because you never know who you’ll meet at the next event.

How will these three steps help you make friends?

  • Not only will your brain thank you for doing something new (carving new neural pathways and all that) but your mind will be happier too… so you’ll be happier and more likely to attract potential friends.
  • You’ll be in the company of people who care about the same things you do, so you will already have something in common with them!
  • Taking the first step is the hardest. Once you start saying yes to invitations you’ll be mingling with a new crowd and who knows where that crowd will take you.

Making Friends is Hard-Find_Your_Bestie

Making friends isn’t something you can achieve overnight. You have to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes and you have to try something new otherwise you won’t see any change in your situation.

Luckily, I know just the place that offers all of the above… volunteering opportunities, clubs, invitations to events, new challenges and a welcoming group of people! Contact your State Girl Guide Office to find out how you can get involved. With clubs (we call them “units”) exclusively for adults, don’t make the mistake of thinking Girl Guides is just for the kids. We welcome new friends of any age, from 5 to 105!

See you soon!

Find the contact details for Girl Guides in your state here:

Making Friends is Hard


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