6 facts about Girl Guides that no-one is talking about

People who are involved in Guides often forget what the organisation looks like from the outside. We try to come up with short “elevator speeches” to help us explain what Guides is to those who aren’t sure. We make assumptions about your prior knowledge which means you don’t always get the information that you need.

So settle in while I fill you in on the parts that no-one tells you about. Continue reading 6 facts about Girl Guides that no-one is talking about


The Guide Promise

It’s easy to make a promise, isn’t it? You say a few words and boom, you’re a wonderful person. You might promise to look after the neighbour’s cat while they’re out. Maybe you’ve promised to never tell anyone that your daughter has her first crush. But how do you promise to be a Good Person, for the rest of your life?

Well, you do it with intention. Continue reading The Guide Promise

Leadership and Teamwork (part 3)

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discovering the many layers of teamwork and leadership. In the final part of this mini-series we’ll share the activities we ran during our leadership and teamwork “training” night. If you missed the first part, catch up here. Decision making: Shopping We started with a shopping game, where each Patrol (a small group of Guides) was given 25 virtual dollars … Continue reading Leadership and Teamwork (part 3)

Leadership and Teamwork (part 2)

Imagine you are shipwrecked on a desert island. Your cruise ship crashed there two weeks ago and now the island is full of many people, but no one is taking charge and nobody is working together. This is the scenario we presented our Guides (aged 10-14) a few weeks ago. We then challenged them to each produce a manifesto… Continue reading Leadership and Teamwork (part 2)

The importance of selling Girl Guide biscuits

Last night our Guides took their first batch of biscuits home to sell. We taste tested the new range (lots of positive feedback!) and finished our handmade posters for our stall this weekend. It’s all good fun but it’s important to remind ourselves and the Guides parents’ of the reasons why we sell Girl Guide biscuits. There are obviously financial benefits but there are other … Continue reading The importance of selling Girl Guide biscuits

Thinking Day 2016 Connect Bracelet #connect10million

Thinking Day, Musgrave Park

Every year, Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world celebrate Thinking Day. The annual event falls on February 22nd, which was the birth date of both our founder Robert Baden-Powell and his wife, Olave. Last weekend Guides of all ages, from across Brisbane and beyond, came together to “connect” with each other and celebrate the meaningful connections in their lives. The St Lucia Brownie … Continue reading Thinking Day, Musgrave Park