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Who is Guides for?

Who is Guides for?

This is a really interesting question because it’s one that lots of people think they know the answer to, but actually many of them are mistaken.

Recently, the Mum of one of our Guides made the comment that she had previously thought Guides was for “girly” girls. As a result, her daughter had originally enrolled with Scouts. Continue reading Who is Guides for?

Why should my daughter join Guides?

These days there are so many options for extracurricular activities that it can be hard to decide which will suit your daughter best. Should she play the flute or join the soccer team? What about choir or drama classes? Should she be in a supportive environment or a challenging one? Should it focus on education? The choices are endless.┬áSometimes it can be overwhelming, so we … Continue reading Why should my daughter join Guides?