The Guide Promise

It’s easy to make a promise, isn’t it? You say a few words and boom, you’re a wonderful person. You might promise to look after the neighbour’s cat while they’re out. Maybe you’ve promised to never tell anyone that your daughter has her first crush. But how do you promise to be a Good Person, for the rest of your life?

Well, you do it with intention. Continue reading The Guide Promise


Free Being Me

Back in 2014, Free Being Me was launched in Australia. The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) joined forces with Dove to create a resource to help tackle the issue of appearance-related anxiety. Different activity packs were released with appropriate activities for different age groups, in 17 languages and tailored for either a girl-only or co-educational environment. Continue reading Free Being Me

10 Awesome Skills I’ve Learned Through Girl Guides!

I think we all agree that our childhood experiences help shape the adults we become. In general, they say that the more positive experiences you have in your youth, the better you’re able to ‘function’ as an adult. So let me tell you about some of the events that have impacted me and moulded me into the sort of person that enjoys giving back to her community! Continue reading 10 Awesome Skills I’ve Learned Through Girl Guides!

The importance of selling Girl Guide biscuits

Last night our Guides took their first batch of biscuits home to sell. We taste tested the new range (lots of positive feedback!) and finished our handmade posters for our stall this weekend. It’s all good fun but it’s important to remind ourselves and the Guides parents’ of the reasons why we sell Girl Guide biscuits. There are obviously financial benefits but there are other … Continue reading The importance of selling Girl Guide biscuits

C’mon April… We’re Ready for You!

Phew! What a busy month St Lucia Guide District has had! March has just flown by and as we head further into April (and Term 2), Guiding in St Lucia looks quite different when compared to only a few short weeks ago. Leader Trainings In order to stay up-to-date, Leaders are required to attend a variety of trainings. This month our Leaders have attended a … Continue reading C’mon April… We’re Ready for You!

Girl Guides rope childrens activities Brisbane

Who is Guides for?

Who is Guides for?

This is a really interesting question because it’s one that lots of people think they know the answer to, but actually many of them are mistaken.

Recently, the Mum of one of our Guides made the comment that she had previously thought Guides was for “girly” girls. As a result, her daughter had originally enrolled with Scouts. Continue reading Who is Guides for?

Badge: Explore-a-Challenge Guiding

Our whole Girl Guide unit (ages 10-14) is working towards the Explore-a-Challenge Guiding badge this term.  To earn it, they need to complete four challenges from a list in the Look Wide badge book. As a unit, we have decided to use this challenge badge to help us plan and organise our Guide Camp. The Guide Leaders helped the Guides by listing all the tasks … Continue reading Badge: Explore-a-Challenge Guiding