Get Involved!

Thanks for your interest, you can join at any time of the year. Guides is a fantastic organisation – why wouldn’t you want to get involved?!

As a Girl

If you would like to join us at St Lucia Gumnut Guides (for ages 5-7), St Lucia Brownie Guides (for ages 7-10) or St Lucia Girl Guides (for ages 10-14), please send us an email and we’ll be able to talk with you directly to organise a visit.

If you live further away and would like to join Guiding in another District, just contact Girl Guides Qld and they’ll be able to put you in touch with your closest units.

As an Adult

There are so many volunteer roles you can take in Guiding that you’ll find it hard to decide which you’d like to try first!

Support Group: Each District has a Support Group, made up of community members and parents of the Guides. They support the District by raising funds to pay for Leader training, hut maintenance and utilities etc. Without the Support Group the District would not be able to operate, so we value these volunteers tremendously! Whatever your skills, they can be put to great use in our Support Group (men are welcome too!). Some of the roles available are hut and grounds maintenance, treasurer, chairperson, biscuit coordinator.

Unit roles: Leaders, Assistant Leaders, Unit Helpers

District roles: District Manager

Email us if you’d like to be involved with Guides at the Unit or District level (i.e. any of the above roles).

Advisor: Do you have an interest in rock climbing? Or social media? What about international travel? Or camping? We have many advisory roles for whatever area your special interest is in. Advisors work with both youth and adult members, so no two events are the same!

Contact the John Oxley Region Leader if you would like to further your special interest with Guides.

Olaves or Trefoil Guild: Think that the kids have all the fun? Think again! Olaves (ages 18-30) and Trefoil Guild members (age 30+) are units for adults. They have their own program and they’re in charge of the time, frequency and location of their meetings so there’s bound to be a group to suit you!

Contact Girl Guides Qld to find out more about joining the Olaves or Trefoil Guild.